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English :: Kiebitz Biplane

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The Kiebitz is certainly the most popular homebuilt biplane in Germany, developed by Michael Platzer in the early 80s, based on the idea to have an easy to build and easy to fly two seater airplane with an open cockpit, which represents the feeling of vintage biplanes of the roaring twenties but for an effortable price. Almost 300 Kiebitz biplanes have already been built by homebuilders throughout Europe, but mainly in Germany which is definetely not known as the home of homebuilders. Meanwhile we have Kiebitzes in France, Belgium, Netherland, Spain, Italy, Austria and even in Australia and Brasil !
Thanks to its simple construction, it can be build even by persons with only a little knowledge about airplane construction.
Nevertheless, approximately 1500 to 2000 hours are required to get it into the air. However, it must be kept in mind that there is no commercial aspect behind the kiebitz. Michael Platzer is a private person who enjoys flying and seeing other pilots participating in his idea but he also has a "normal" live with a "normal" job.
So there is no company which can support kiebitz builders like an "official" company would do. Even this website is operated by kiebitz pilots without any commercial interest.
However, there are already a few companies which are offering parts or material required for building a kiebitz.
For more details on how to obtain a licence and a set of drawings, please contact Mr Michael Platzer. Phone +49 5665-2820
click here to download more information (pdf document 350kb)
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